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Moose is fast becoming the standard way to write object oriented code in Perl. Moose is powerful and flexible. It makes writing object oriented Perl far easier than it has ever been before.

This low-cost, one-day training course explains what Moose is and how it will help you write better object oriented Perl. It is aimed at programmers who know Perl but who might not have kept up to date with some of the most recent Perl tools.

By the end of the day, attendees will be understand the power of Moose and will be able to use it to build complex object systems.

Format: Lecture

Length: 1 day (approx 6 hours)


  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
    • What is object oriented programming
    • How does it differ from procedural programming
    • What are the advantages
  • Overview of Moose
    • Simple example using Moose
  • Object attributes
    • Defining object attributes
    • Useful properties of attributes
  • Subclasses
    • Creating subclasses
    • Overriding methods
    • Method modifiers
  • Object construction
    • Writing object constructors
  • Data Types
    • The Moose type hierarchy
    • Defining your own types
    • Type coercion
  • Delegation
    • Delegating method calls
  • Roles and Traits
    • What is a role?
    • Why use a role?
    • Writing roles
    • Roles vs traits
  • Meta Object Protocol
    • Digging into your Moose classes
    • Changing your Moose classes
  • Further information

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